5 Reasons to Use a Personal Property Finder

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Have you ever been searching for a new wardrobe of clothes and wished that Gok Wan (the celebrity stylist and personal shopper) would suddenly materialise by your side and show you the best clothes collection you’ve ever owned; the wardrobe of clothes that perfectly fits your work and social life.

Think of me as your property Gok Wan. Once I’ve assessed your needs and the essentials you require in a residential property so that the home fits you and your lifestyle, rather than you trying to reorganise your life to fit into a property. That’s a very important distinction in my view.

  1. The price isn’t always right

Most buyers quite reasonably start by searching for a property based on a budget. Yes, I know that makes sense, but believe me, a significant number of people find their search quite frustrating when they trawl through real estate websites using price parameters. I know that some of the prices quoted aren’t appropriate for the property, so I know when to look at properties that may appear to be outside your budget.

  1. Save your time

When you hire me as your personal property finder, first I’m taking away a time pressure away from your life. You hire cleaners, childminders and other ‘home help’, so why not hire a person to search for an overseas residence for you. I know the areas and the market, whereas most visitors who arrive having seen a potential second home on a website often have little idea about what an area is like, particularly the seasonal differences on the Costa del Sol: a quiet location in winter may turn into ‘party central’ during the summer.

  1. Avoid disappointment

Added to this, I have often seen buyers arrive with their hearts set on a property they’ve seen online, only to find that it doesn’t live up to expectations, or that it has already been sold and the agent’s website has not removed the listing. The potential for this happening is quite high when you think about how many agents share property listings here. It makes for wasted journeys, time (as you use up your precious few days of holiday) and disappointment.

  1. It’s your bespoke Personal Property Finder service

When you have a personal property finder you can have confidence that I’m going to look for exactly what you want. I’ll discuss every aspect of what you need now, and might need in the future, in terms of the number of rooms, layout preferences, architectural style plus proximity to schools, golf course and shops for example. Then we’ll talk about your budget. Sometimes a budget can be more flexible than you might think, and with your own property finder there is a better chance of a price negotiation that benefits you.

  1. One person – direct contact

Forget about signing up with numerous real estate agents who will bombard you with emails and phone calls, often sending you places that bear no resemblance to your brief. Brief me as your personal property finder instead and then sit back and let me do all the work for you. You will only speak to me and you will never have to start from the beginning again because the agent you were dealing with has left the company, a not infrequent occurrence.

Let me help you find your perfect home on the Costa del Sol – contact Marcia today.  From UK 0044 7941 814191 OR calling from Spain: 672894234 OR email marcia@locationmoves.com

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