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In recent months, I have come to believe that any property owner who invests in online video marketing as part of the sales tools is far more likely to increase their chances of a quick sale than owners who don’t.  Video has become an important sales tool for a number of products.  The savvy buyer, who is up to date with new technology, will appreciate the views of a home that video provides compared with static images. Of course, good photography is needed for other advertising platforms, but being able to post a video online turbo charges the sales pitch.

If you doubt that investing in a video of your property is worth the money, please consider the fact that the way buyers search for new homes has changed considerably over the last few years. Going online is more often than not the first place people go to look for a new residence.  And this is even more true when they are an overseas buyer looking for a property in Spain. It’s estimated that around 90% of purchasers start their journey online.  While most real estate companies have an online presence, media experts suggest that the majority still haven’t understood the fact that a multimedia presentation provides the ‘wow factor’ that leads to faster results.

A study by the American National Association of Realtors showed that only 14% of realtors used online video marketing, whereas 45% of buyers told researchers that they found “video tours to be really useful”. [Tweet “At least half of buyers specifically searched for houses for sale that had a video”]. What is more, an increased number of buyers are searching for videos of homes for sale on YouTube first before looking at real estate websites.

Investing in online video marketing makes sound business sense. To start with, you are able to showcase your home in a way that virtually replicates walking a buyer through your house. You can highlight its best features.  Because a video can be edited, changes can be made at this stage to make sure that the property is seen in the very best light. Furthermore, if you have also employed an expert in staging a property for sale, your video will look perfect.

My experience of using online video marketing

I wouldn’t suggest this unless I had seen it work for myself. After completion of a recent refurbishment project that gave a complete facelift to a stunning villa, the owner agreed with me that a video would show off the transformation and help to market. And, so it did. Enquiries about the property flooded in after I had put the video online. If you want a video of your property, I can recommend professionals who understand exactly what is required and I would be delighted to help you list it and market it as well.

If you’d like to discuss your property needs, then please Contact Me for a ‘no obligations’ chat about what you’re looking for and the areas you’re interested in. I look forward to hearing from you.

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