Impact in Real Estate of Smart Viewing Tours and Drone Filming

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In recent months I have become ever more aware of the need for moving images rather than static ones when it comes to selling property and the impact in Real Estate of smart viewing tours and drone filming. Buyers now want to see much more than tight shots of specific rooms, especially if they are located outside Spain when searching for their ideal residence and making decisions about which properties they’ll put on their shortlist.  Of course, smart viewing tours and drone footage are not magic bullets that do all the work; agents like myself have a complete marketing system that ideally ticks all the following:

  • Real estate photography using a professional.
  • Professional real estate video/smart viewing tours.
  • Creating a professional property website
  • A system for managing buyer/agent feedback.
  • A system in place for keeping the sellers in constant communication with buyer feedback and all marketing efforts.

Providing an aerial view of the property and the surrounding environment plus a professionally made smart viewing tour of the property’s interior and exterior has the kind of visual punch that makes a big impact on buyers.

Drone Filming of Plot for Sale in Monte Mayor

John Passerini, VP of Interactive Marketing at Sotheby’s International Realty said at a conference that video is becoming an absolute necessity for real estate agents and he explained why: “Consumers are ready to consume video. That’s the way they want to experience properties.” And, he’s right. Having dipped my toe in the video water last year with a refurbished villa in Atalaya, I can thoroughly endorse what he said, because the response to the property smart viewing tour was far higher than if I had just posted photos.

Hootsuite report that “by 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic”

Types of Videoing

There are different types of video available: the traditional video is perfect for when budgets are tighter because they provide a hook on which to hang the ‘story’ of the property and can be accompanied by articles on the neighbourhood to add to the overall appreciation of what it has to offer. As you can see on my website, I have guides available to the most in demand areas on the Costa del Sol.

There are also more advanced video techniques around now, such as the smart viewing videos that can take a potential buyer inside a home from anywhere in the world. Some agents are even considering using Microsoft’s HoloLens, a set of goggles that project holograms into real world spaces, to personalise home tours with all the dressings that would appeal to each individual buyer.

With regard to producing a smart viewing with drone filming footage to sell a property, I would just add this: always use professionals. Your friend with a video camera, who may also possess a drone, isn’t the best way to go. On the other hand, a professional production crew can create amazing home tours, complete with drone filming, expert lighting and a unique music score.

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