Malaga, not just an airport

About Malaga, the Gateway to the Costa del Sol

Malaga City is known as the gate way to the Costa del Sol, but there is so much more to Malaga then just the airport! Thankfully today, and thanks in part to the internet and social media, Malaga is finally getting the attention it so deserves. This ancient city often gets ignored by the 16 million holiday makers who arrive each year to make their way down to the beaches. In many cases, these sun seeking tourists miss out on this historic and culturally unique city.

Malaga’s Ancient Roots & Unique Gastronomy

You may find it hard to fathom but Malaga’s ancient history dates back 3,000 years to when the Phoenicians landed. The city was originally called MALACA, which was likely from the word “malac”, meaning “to salt”. The Phoenicians used the harbour as an important centre for salting fish – even now, the harbour or the Port of Malaga, which it is known by, still holds major importance. The port’s main exports, most of which are produced in Andalucia, includes iron ore, dried fruit, almonds, olive oil, oranges, lemons, olives, canned anchovies, and the cities famous sweet wine.

Malaga's Ancient History

This bustling city with its diverse culture is finally getting some attention. In fact, Malaga boosts the culturally diverse atmosphere you’ll find throughout the whole of the Costa del Sol. Over the past 5 years, the city has really made a name for itself. It is finding a new identity as Andalucia’s leading cultural destination.

This fabulous city is also an area with a unique gastronomy, which ranges from the local products like olives, almonds, grapes and raisins. Seasonal vegetables are also incredibly popular, as well as the fruits and of course the delicious baked goods. The most typical dishes you will find are dried fish, porra which is a kind of thick gazpacho, served cold, ajoblanco, migas, fresh greens and plenty more.

Besides being loaded with history and brimming with a youthful vigour, the city is home to the arts, with several new art galleries and an art district called Soho. This incredible city also gave the world Picasso and you can visit the Picasso museum, which has 285 works donated by members of Picasso’s family.

Malaga's arts and culture

As of 2016, the population was close to 570,000, making it the second most populated city within Andalucia and the sixth largest in Spain. If you’ve ever visited the Costa del Sol, then you know how popular the weather is. Malaga has some of the warmest winters in Europe with an average temperature of 17.2c during the months of December to February.

Modern Malaga – Worth Exploring

So why should you visit this incredible city? The answers are simple – it provides many of life’s greatest pleasures. Imagine eating just caught sardines by the sea or be amazed by the chic boutiques, gastrobars and cool cafes. This city provides a spruced up version of the Costa del Sol. Just when you thought the Costa del Sol could be slightly soulless, you get a first class ticket to one of Spain’s greatest cities. The best night out imaginable!

And, although there is plenty to see and do, Malaga is really a place to kick back and just enjoy the laid back Mediterranean vibe. Check out the video below and find out why, Malaga has become so incredibly popular.


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