Why Choose Location Moves

Why choose us?

At Location Moves, we do more than list your property, we market your property. There are several things that sets us apart from the ordinary estate agencies on the Costa del Sol. At Location Moves we understand marketing online, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), lead conversions, PPC campaigns and advertising through social channels. Our in-house marketers have over 10 years’ experience and know exactly how to get your property in front of the EXACT people who will be interested in buying or renting your property on the Costa del Sol.

But, this is only the beginning on why you should use Location Moves for consultancy and services…

The services we offer are transparent and honest

We do things a little bit different than the norm when it comes to helping our clients with buying, selling and marketing property in Spain.

Buying property in Spain shouldn’t be a difficult journey. Avoiding all the headaches involved starts with hiring the right estate agent. At Location Moves it starts with getting to know our customers – you! We are property consultants, offering specialist advice – this is what sets us apart from the rest.

After speaking with you, our client, we begin the process by conducting research and presenting the facts about the property, whether you are selling or buying. We also perform background checks, starting with the banking or financing including mortgage financing or very specific certifications. We do all of this with an underpinning knowledge of Spanish real estate law.

We understand the cost of running a business today, therefore we are selective with the clients we work with. Equally and more importantly, our clients have the freedom of choice as to whether they would prefer this bespoke service, or the more traditional methods adopted by other agents on the Costa del Sol.

Why should you pay for our service?

Understandably, many will question why they should pay for our services. Most people will think they can do it themselves just by going online. This may be true, however when it comes to our specialised service, you get what you pay for. By hiring consultancy services through Location Moves, you get more than just the details, you get an understanding and peace of mind while searching, then buying the property of your dreams on the Costa del Sol.

Our services go above and beyond, and besides the research, we do all the talking for you. Because Location Moves has been in the industry for over 20 years, we’ve built a solid foundation of partnership and equal respect with many financial institutions, Lawyers, Mortgage specialists and even other agencies here on the Costa del Sol.

If we can’t convince you, perhaps our clients can! Check out our wonderful testimonials



If you wish to engage our services, an initial engagement fee, which includes a percentage of commission agreement will be agreed upon and then a signing of a legal private contract will take place.

The Location Moves Advantage:

  • Serious customers looking to buy property in Spain get a bespoke solution like no other on the Costa del Sol.
  • Clients receive a one-on-one service with the necessary due diligence undertaken before recommending a property selection for consideration.


Location Moves continues to invest and explore new ways of helping owners sell their property in what now is a highly competitive property market. Therefore, we use online marketing strategies that have been proven to work.

With so many new developments and modern projects now available for sale, and paying agents attractive commissions, it’s time to up the game to beat out the competition. Owners now need to look to enlist an agent that will actually market their property effectively, not just simply list it on their site or put it up in a window.

You will find that many agents just want the listing to collaborate with agents and share the commission, unfortunately this simply doesn’t work anymore. We’ve personally seen properties languishing on the market for years resulting in the asking price being dramatically reduced for faster sale – this means YOU lose out on major money.

Marketing a property needs innovation and new technology and Location moves offers this by using Drone Video, 360 tours and Online viewing – please visit the links below and see for yourself the advantages of using new technologies.

Wealthy Buyers Using Smart Viewing

Online Video Marketing – The Only Way to Sell Your Property Fast in Marbella

Market Your Property with a Virtual Tour and Drone

For more information or just to talk, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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