Buyers Property Guide

Buyers getting their offer on an apartment or villa accepted is the first exciting step to completing the quest for your dream home and important investment. Location Moves are the right people to guide you through the procedures and avoid the ‘pitfalls’ that could happen when buying property in Spain.

Location Moves know that many some buyers may be a little intimidated by the process of investigating the market thoroughly to select the right property and may find the whole process a little confusing. This is why we partner with you every step of the way from working out what you want, what you can afford, what offers will be accepted and then timing your move to maximum advantage.

Buying property off-plan may be the key to getting the property of your dreams. This is of benefit to you, the buyer, as you can buy at the pre-built price offering a substantial discount. The process is fully protected by Spanish law with the use of ‘escrow accounts’ and guarantees to ensure that your investment is safe at all times.

Good organisation is the key to enjoying your search and we will keep you on the inside of the Marbella property market, equipping you with the market knowledge and the power to make bids on the property that fits your needs. Like everything, this process is a learning curve; we have the Knowledge and skills and look forward to sharing it with you to help you find the perfect property.
The best way to create the home you really want is to buy the land and get the property built yourself. We have some amazing plots for precisely this purpose with full planning status and permissions ready to build. If needed we can ensure you have the right advice, the right people and the peace of mind that your dream home becomes a reality.

We have properties to suit everybody, whether your taste in property is a villa with a pool, a contemporary apartment, a golf mansion or a studio; Location Moves are here to help you to find your Marbella property at the right time and the right price.

Documents needed by Buyers in Spain

All financial transactions in Spain need an NIE Certificate

You can apply for this by presenting yourself at the local police station to pay for and apply for the NIE certificate.

If you are unable to speak Spanish it would be advisable to turn up with someone who can help.

Bank Accounts

Will be required for property transactions, as well as paying utility bills, community fees, taxes, etc.

As there is no free banking in Spain, you should shop around to compare charges.

Power of Attorney

In some cases should you not be  able to attend the various stages of the buying transactions.

Therefore you will need to grant power of attorney to a legal representative to carry out the transactions on your behalf.

It’s really important that the power of attorney only covers the areas required with an explicit end date.

Buying Process

  • Stage 1

When you have decided on the property choice, ask for a copy of the Nota simple no older than 1 month, and confirmation that the local taxes known as IBI/ Basura and community fees, should be paid. Unpaid community fees can be levied against the property and up to 2 years can be recovered from the purchaser.
Hidden capital gains tax could be payable, when a property bought at a price much lower than the last sale price. ‘Black’ or ‘undeclared’ money is a thing of the past and was never in the buyer’s interest.
Therefore it is really important to clarify any potential tax liability before agreeing to buy.
Your accountant or lawyer will able to calculate this information.

  • Stage 2

Once you are happy with the information you sign a reservation contract and pay the a fee.
We would recommend that the contract allows time to undertake sufficient checks and legal search, surveys and where a mortgage is required financial arrangements can be put in place.

  • Stage 3

Signing the purchase contract, at this point 10% deposit is required and passed to the seller and you will become liable to complete the sale.
It is important that all clauses are covered in the contract.
You should be careful that the seller’s lawyer does not put the Plus Valia tax onto you the buyer when it is actually payable by the seller not the purchaser.
We urge all of our clients to use your own independent lawyer to complete the transaction and look out for your interest.

  • Stage 4

Completion is undertaken at the office of the Notaria public who is a lawyer registered with the Spanish government to attest and register binding legal documents.

Buyers Purchasing costs

Buyers Guide to Property Costs in Spain

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The associated cost of purchasing in Spain can add between 10% -15% to the buying cost. We recommend that you get a quote of all costs that are applicable to your purchse before making an offer.


Applicable fees
– Transfer taxes
8% on property up to 400,000€
9% on property up to 700,000€
10% on property more than 700,000€
– Notary, registry fees 1.5%
– Lawyers fees 1%
– Stamp duty fees 1.2%

In every part of the process we are there with you, working for your best interest and ensuring that our knowledge and experience is put to work for you. 



Download our free infographic for an easy guide to buying property in Marbella here and if you have any questions to the above please don’t hesitate to contact Marcia


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