Long Term Rentals

Long Term Rentals,

Long Term Rentals – A Unique Investment Opportunity

When considering long term rentals of your home, it is really important that owners are aware of how to rent their property safely.

Long term rentals is a growing market as many buyers are trying before buying, which means that the demand for rental properties is on the increase. This presents an ideal opportunity for those who are struggling to sell their properties.

With this in mind, it is surprising to know how little some agents and owners know about the law of renting and because of this there are many horror stories.  Whilst in life there are no guarantees, it does help to have some basic knowledge which should help to avoid problems in the future.


Profit with Long Term Rentals

As you are likely aware, Spain and in particular, the Costa del Sol is a very popular destination for expats to buy investment properties. It’s also the perfect place for a second holiday home or better yet, a place to retire. According to a recent article in the Telegraph, it states that properties in Marbella, Costa del Sol can also be an excellent source of income due to its popularity as a tourist destination.

There is currently growing interest in holiday rentals here on the Costa del Sol. With record breaking tourism year after year in Malaga province, many are realizing the sheer potential for extra income. The Costa del Sol has a thriving rental market and there is no reason why you can’t be a part of it. These rentals sometimes yield high returns depending on how you market yourself to tourists.

Through our own property market research, we’ve determined that many are taking advantage of long term rentals to generate income from their properties on the Costa del Sol. The fact of the matter is long term rentals are an excellent choice for landlords, as a stable, secure and stress-free way to make money.

Research has shown us that long-term rentals in costal areas, particularly on the first or second line of the beach offer 5.67% rental yields – which is up from 5.37% in 2016. The main reason for this increase in prices is lack of supply, as property owners in theme prime beachfront properties choose short-term holiday lets over long-term rentals. However, the demand continues to increase, making this opportunity way too good to miss.

Location Moves offer a long term rentals service

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