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Monte Mayor development plots for the savvy investor

Monte Mayor development plots covers over 330 hectares of land, out of this 54% is green zone and unspoilt.  The low density make-up ensures the continuation of its natural beauty and provides residents with a haven of living.  The estate includes the picturesque village of La Heredia de Monte Mayor and about 60 superb villas.  The estate is made up of superb selection of villa plots for those looking to build their own villa, some fantastic development plots for the savvy investor looking for the perfect investment opportunity, and the pretty Andalucian village of La Heredia de Monte Mayor, comprising 53 uniquely designed townhouses.


Monte Mayor Development Plots

Within the Monte Mayor estate there are more than 50 villa plots available and 70 built villas constructed. The Monte Mayor development plots won’t stay on the market for long. It’s location alone makes this area a prime real estate location for the savvy property investors.

The total land for development available is in excess of 415.000 m2 with a total building volume of more than 55.000 m2, out of which 14.000m2 is for 52 villas, 30.000 m2 for 230 apartments and 12.300 m2 for 82 townhouses.  The building volume has flexibility to be exchanged between the different land areas upon town hall approval.


There are a variety of views including mountain, sea and river valley views, as well as different topography and orientation. The plots come in all shapes and sizes but usually cover a minimum area of at least 3,000m2 on which one can build on average 300m2 to 400m2 of living space. Where a larger house is required it can easily be built over adjoining plots.

The permitted building volume of around 12% per plot is kept deliberately low to ensure that every property enjoys a good view as well as plenty of privacy. This contrasts with normal building volumes (typically at least 20% or more) in so many other developments where the average house covering around 500m2 is built on only 900m2 or 1000m2 of land. Villa plot prices vary from 140.000€ to just above 300.000€.


Currently the approved assignation of units and volumes per plot is as follows:

Phase 8:


Comprised of plots UE-7and UE-9 to UE-18.

Located on the Eastern side of Monte Mayor, covering a total of 128.000m2 of land. These plots allow for 11.000m2 for 37 villas that could be South or West oriented, overlooking the main valley.

Phase 9:

Comprised of plots: UE-27.2, 28, 29, 30, 31 & 32.

Situated on the Western part of the urbanisation, spread on several ridges, boasting fantastic southern views across the Guadalmansa river to the Mediterranean Sea across to Africa. The total land size equates to 159.000m2 and allows for 30.300m2 allocated to 230 apartments. Due to its location most properties will be able to have the highly demanded South or West orientation maximising the superb views.

Phase 10:

Plot: UE -36.

This plot is located on a lush island in the middle of the valley, comprising of some 118.000m2 of land. There is only one entrance and exit road, allowing for greater privacy and security. The plot includes an existing building initially planned as a Club House with 2.400m2 built, over 700m2 of outdoor areas/terraces and an additional building volume of 2.780m2 for 14 villas. Suffice to say this plot is the perfect place to build an entirely new community within the grounds of Monte Mayor.

Extension of Village:


Comprised of plots: PM-2, PM-3 (UE- 38/39) & UE-40.

South and West of the Village of La Heredia de Monte Mayor looking towards the sea and mountains, there are 35.770m2 of development plots for 85 townhouses and a total build volume of 12.000m2. The plot is situated on an elevated and sloping position allowing for a design maximising the views of most properties towards the ideal orientation of South and West.


Once you have chosen your plot, you can build your villa to your exact requirements and have the luxury of decorating and furnishing it to your very own style and taste. There are two ways to build a house on a plot. You can either build it yourself or we can help you build it with our projects team. If you wish to build it yourself, we can recommend, at no extra cost and if you desire, reputable firms that we have contracted in the past and who already have plenty of experience building on the terrain at Monte Mayor.

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