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Why you should consider a Property Finder

Finding your dream home in Spain can be protracted and infuriating, especially when that home is in a foreign country.  You are making one of the biggest investments in your life.  The consequences of getting it wrong are daunting whilst the rewards for getting it right are enormous.

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The good news is that Marbella real estate is on the rise again, which means there is lots of choice for both buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, it also means that opportunists with little background or understanding of the market are taking advantage of the growing interest in real estate. There is much inaccurate information for you the investors, which can lead to choices being made the consequences of incorrect decisions made being expensive.

Location Moves Properties offers an effective solution to anyone considering buying or selling a property in Marbella.  Our Property Finders Service is an impartial and thorough approach to provide you with all the critical facts about the type of properties you want to see, based on 20+ years of personally buying and selling property in Spain – not what a real estate agent is trying to get you to buy.

The Property Finder Service provides you with an effective means to quickly identify the right property to suit your needs and the tools needed to negotiate the best possible location and price.

Why you should consider a Property Finder to help your move to Marbella

We do all the hard work and deliver it to you in a summary overview

  • We save you time and money by doing the work efficiently and effectively
  • We know the market and have excellent knowledge of property values and legal issues
  • We have access to properties before they are on the market

A Property Finder,  provides you with the information you need to effectively identify an ideal property to suit your needs and to negotiate the best possible purchase price.  The service is designed to minimise your risk by providing you with key details about the property history, important local knowledge and tips for what to avoid, based on our own personal experience from over 20 years of purchasing property in Spain.

Location Moves offer a ‘hands on’ approach to address the needs of each individual client, carefully understanding even the smallest details – finding the right property at the right price.  And because you are engaging a Property Finder, you will be under no pressure – Location Moves represent your needs on a impartial basis.

Looking for the perfect long-term rental in Marbella?

If you’re looking for the perfect long-term rental property in Marbella, Location Moves can help.  Because numerous properties in Marbella are owned by foreign residents, there is an ample supply of high quality long-term rental properties available.

Owners of rental properties sometimes look for reliable, long-term renters for their properties as it is far less demanding than the needs associated with short-term, or holiday renters.  The key issue that Location Moves can help you with is in making sure you understand what is available according to your needs and also negotiating an attractive rental contract so you can enjoy your time in Marbella to the fullest.

How does the Property Finder service work?

_MG_9499The initial step is for you to complete a straightforward buyers questionnaire, outlining the key points related to the type of property you are interested in.  From your requirement list, Location Moves create a shortlist of properties that are genuinely available and can be viewed.  One issue that constantly arises in Marbella is that not all properties shown on some agents websites are available for sale.  They are there simply to entice interested buyers to engage a broker who will afterwards try to convince you to consider another property which they have access to.  With the Buying agent  services, you decide what you want to see.  Then Location Moves go to work arranging a logical schedule of viewings, accompanies you on site visits and offers professional, yet impartial guidance for negotiating the best possible conditions for your purchase.

After your ideal property is identified, Location Moves can also assist you find to identify independent legal support, building expertise, surveyors, mortgage finance and accounting specialists whom the company knows and works with regularly.

How much does the Property Finder Service cost?

The fee  is only €450 (plus IVA).  This fee covers the time and expenses to conduct meetings, prepare a historical background check on the property, all phone calls, administration, and pre-viewing.  Beyond that, there is no obligation for any of the information and consultation Location Moves provides.  If you choose to purchase a property Location Moves has identified on your behalf, its fee is only 1% plus IVA, payable upon signing of the purchase contract.

If we help you find a long term rental, our fee is 50% of the first months rental.

To learn more about how Location Moves can help you identify and negotiate the right property in Spain, contact Marcia.  Location Moves would be glad to help make your Spanish property dreams a reality.


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