Renting Property

At Location Moves we want to help you find your perfect home in Spain.  If you are here on a short or long term contract, being in the right home will make your time in Spain a more pleasant and rewarding experience.  We have a range of rental properties on regular renewal from landlords to suit your Spanish lifestyle needs. Location Moves is committed to helping you through the choice of areas and properties, negotiations with the landlord and ensuring that the move in, and out, goes smoothly making your time in residence is problem free.

  • Renting a property is the easy way to move to Spain has never been easier with Location Moves and its local partners.
  • We help make finding a vacation rental or a new home as trouble-free as possible.
  • The ‘moving experience’ starts as soon as you decide to move so this guide will help you get started and make it a good experience.

What we need to know

Make sure you have instructed us clearly to look out for the right property for you as they go very quickly.
It helps if you know how long you want the property for.  Rent is often paid a year or six months in advance on premium properties so commitment is needed.
Anything below one year is normally considered a short term rental and attracts a higher price but gives you flexibility over how long you stay, from 2 weeks to 11 months.

  • What area are you looking at living in?
  • Do you want to be near schools, shops and amenities etc.?
  • Do you have special medical requirements?
  • Do you drive, or need access to public transport links?
  • How important is golf or the beaches?

What you need to provide

Original Passport and NIE


If applicable: Employers reference, previous Landlords reference, proof of income, affordability, Experian check (if previous UK resident). 

Renting has never been easier, and provides a great way to view and buy property in a country in which you live.

There are plenty of rental properties available on the Costa del Sol; Location Moves work hard to ensure that you get one to perfectly suit your needs.  We are here to help you find your perfect home in Spain.

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